Thoughts of a Marvel (Movie) Zombie

Hello and welcome to this blog thing that Io have begun. My decision to start this up was not a quick one - heck no, I am someone that is usually guilty of procrastination more than doing things 'spur of the moment'. lol

No, instead this blog is the result of me discussing comic books and more specifically comic book-based movies with my friends on a regular basis and then later trying to recall the points of what we had talked about. After a while I started thinking that maybe a blog would be the best way to record or 'document' my thoughts on the upcoming comic book movies out there.

So why Marvel movies in particular? The answer to that one is pretty easy; for years I have been something of a fan of mainly the Marvel Comics line of comic books, to the point where sometimes I have been referred to by friends as a 'Marvel Zombie'. (a term often used to describe devoted fans of Marvel comic books)

So I will use this blog to put out there my thoughts on the barrage of Marvel comic book movies that will be coming to a movie theater near you in the next few years. Among the movies I am looking forward to and hope to discuss will be Iron Man II, Thor, The First Avenger: Captain America, and the Avengers.

This should be fun.