Will Marvel be faithful to it's Iconic imagery?

With the recent release of the second Iron Man movie, I have been thinking more about the depiction on screen of some well known Iconic Marvel artifacts; With the first Iron Man movie, we got abrief glimpse of what appeared to be Captain America's famous shield (or at least something that was intended to be a faithful replica of it). With the second Iron Man movie, we were given a further glimpse of the shield, this time in an apparent state of  disrepair, ie. half of it appeared to be missing. In addition, we got a very good glimpse of the Hammer of  Thor sitting on the edge of a crater out in what appeaerd to be somewhere in the middle of the American South West. The hammer had an interesting modern design to it.  I will admit that this surprised me somewhat since I had heard about this scene before seeing the movie and  I had an image in my mind of amore classic looking hammer - not one looking so 'modern' or so influenced in its design by science fiction.  The depiction of both the shiels and the hammer in Iron Man 2 bothered me in the sense that in both cases the items in question were both perceived as being iconic and established before the movie and yet someone had seen fit to go and show them in a much more modernist and future-tech depiction. 

  Similarly, the internet has recently revealed to those willing to look the likely costuming for both Captain America and Thor.  The Thor costume looks pretty close to the comic and so far so good, however the Cap costume looks like it is going to be very modern and influenced as much by the stereotypical 'super hero armor' as much as by the iconic character it is supposed to be the costume of.  Of coursethis might just be the costume designs for the character once he is established in the present, however I have some suspicions that this might in fact be a costume design for the period piece segments of the Cap movie. Afterall, the movie is supposedly going to be primarily set during the Second World War, so it is only natural that you would expect to be seeing costuming designs that represent that aspect of the film. Obviously I hope that what I have seen so far is not from the period parts of the film. Fingers crossed.

  Just to be fair, I should mention that at the same time I was quite pleased with the depiction of a number of different Marvel characters on ther big screen so far.  I thought that the look for Spider-Man was decent (and yes, I realize that Spider-Man was a Sony movie property and not developed by Marvel itself - just wanted to mention it) and so was the look for Doctor Octopus.  I thought that the X-Men were, for the most part, visually well translated for the screen.  I thought that both Iron Man and War Machine looked great on screen, with both being very faithful to their original source material while also introducing some original flair into the mix.  I thought that the Black widow's outfit was very faithfully rendered, too.(and of course it did not hurt that Scarlet Johansen was on hand to help fill it out)  Whiplash was so different from the comic character in his origins that I don't think that anyone would really expect the comic book version of the costume to make the  jump from comic page to the big screen.  I didn't really have any problems with the look of the Whiplash character as much as I was a bit confused by the lack of consistency in the character himself.

  All in all, I guess that the Marvel movies have shown a pretty good batting average in the adaption department, it's just that I am a bit concerned with some of the decisions that may be revealed to us within the next ten to twelve months.

   Again, fingers crossed.


A humourous look at the 'other kind' of Marvel Zombies out there...

I thought that it might be nifty to offer up something a bit more unusual but oh so very apropos to the name of this here blog, Marvel Movie Zombie Patrol. I recently came across a collection of reworked versions of the opening credits to some of the various Marvel Superheros cartoons of the 1960's. The collection consisted of a reworked - or as they called it, "reanimated" version of the opening scenes for the Thor cartoon, the Captain America cartoon, and the Fantastic Four cartoon. Unfortunately at this time there was no Spider-Man reanimated or Hulk reanimated at the time that I am posting this.

Anyway, I cannot for the life of me recall where I first came across these gems but I found them all on youtube and have set them up below this post for your viewing pleasure, so enjoy.