A humourous look at the 'other kind' of Marvel Zombies out there...

I thought that it might be nifty to offer up something a bit more unusual but oh so very apropos to the name of this here blog, Marvel Movie Zombie Patrol. I recently came across a collection of reworked versions of the opening credits to some of the various Marvel Superheros cartoons of the 1960's. The collection consisted of a reworked - or as they called it, "reanimated" version of the opening scenes for the Thor cartoon, the Captain America cartoon, and the Fantastic Four cartoon. Unfortunately at this time there was no Spider-Man reanimated or Hulk reanimated at the time that I am posting this.

Anyway, I cannot for the life of me recall where I first came across these gems but I found them all on youtube and have set them up below this post for your viewing pleasure, so enjoy.

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