Hoping that Marvel's future big guns will end up looking like a million dollars...

We seem to be getting close to the point when the upcoming Marvel movies, the future film projects, will be at the stage where they are ready to release teasers about what the main characters costumes will look like; Movies such as the upcoming Captain America movie and upcoming Thor movie will at some point be trying to increase fan interest in and the buzz level of these projects by giving us some official details about their main characters costumes. Right now we appear to already have some unofficial design info floating around that was supposedly leaked by someone linked with the studio and which was subsequently used as aguide to come up with some very intriguing character sketches of both the Captain America costume nd the Thor costume. Both are very well rendered and both could very well end up being quite close to the final version that we will see up on the big screen this time next year.

These design sketches have got me thinking. After giving it some thought, I have to say that for as much as I like the Thor outfitand the way it seems to suit the character from the comics, I am equally unexcited over what I have so far seen from the fan sketches for the supposed Captain America costume. The Thor outfit is faithful to the feel of the comic and has even incorporated some of the more recent costume changes to have been introduced into the regular book. Similarly, I feel that the Cap costume looks like it has attempted to incorporate (on some level)the more recent look to the Captain America costume, a look which has not particularly received a rousing positive reaction from fans over the few years of its existence. It has not been made clear to me yet if the Cap sketches are based on the look of his costume during the modern era portion of his story (ie the part of the movie that could be set in modern day) or if it is in fact supposed to be the look of the costume for the period portion of the drams set during WW II. If it is to be the latter, then it has way too much of a modern look and feel to it to be believable for a Second World War outfit.

So far, Marvel has got it right over all; the decisions that the studio has gone with for the look of its principle characters has mnostly paid off - I am obviously not the only one who loved the look of the Iron Man armor in the last two IM movies, right? I hope Marvel chooses the look of its future cornerstone movies well. We all know that they can do it, they have done it well before. Here's hoping that they keep their batting average up in the near future...

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