Oh no! - it's another Marvel movies site relocation!!

Considering that this here blog about the upcoming Marvel movies is only a few months old, what I am about to say here probably will seem rather self centered and inpulsive, yet I have to say it:  this is likely the last post that I will be making to this site.

  What?  Seriously? Already?

  Yeah, already.  When I made the decision to stop posting to my previous Captain America movie blog, it was because I had decided to focus on the overall subject of the future Marvel movies, instead of just the single movie franchises/projects individually with separate sites. Of course that is why we ended up here, right? That should have been that, so to speak; it should have been enough to be here and to carry on posting about Cap, Shellhead and any other Marvel movie character that strikes my fancy, however, soon after launching this new site I realized that starting a new blogger blog on a broader scope was not enough: I realized that I was also ready to move on to going the self-hosted route with my site and to try having a Marvel movies site that did not exist at the whim of a free blog provider.  At the same time, I have seen enough of the Wordpress platform to realize that it offers some freedom of choice that I would like to try for myself, so considering these two facts, it seemed that the answer or solution to my quandary would be to take the plunge and try a self hosted site.  Since in my mind I have decide that at some point this is going to happen, I figured that it would be better to do this sooner rather than later even thought this site was in its most fledgling of stages.  I guess this just means that anyone who followed me over here from my Captain America Movie Update site will have the chance to keep playing 'follow the blogger', lol.  Since the focus of the new(est) site will be the same as here, there should be no jarring differences, except for a minor change of the title, from Marvel Zombie Movie Patrol, to Marvel Movies Zombie Patrol. (I know, I am weak and totally indecisive) 

  Okay, I am done with new site announcements for a looong time!  If you are still with me, the new site can be found at: http://marvelmovieszombiepatrol.com/  There you will find me prattling on about anything and everything to do with the Captain America movie and the other upcoming Marvel movies, and I promise that I will be staying there for a while...

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  1. At least you have this site to go back to if you change your mind.